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Eye Exam $128 

Contact Lens Exam $204-$229

Emergency/Red Eye Visit $109-$129

Telehealth visit $60

(All in office exams include retinal photos)


Dr. Ashley Roth examines patients 5 years old and up.


Do I need an appointment?

You can walk in! If Dr. Ashley Roth is available we can most likely fit you in to the schedule same day.


Do we accept vision insurance?

We accept the following vision insurance plans:

- Eyemed

- Humana

- Aetna Vision

- Superior 

- Spectera

- Avesis


How long does dilation last?

Ask Dr. Roth during your visit if you need to dilate your eyes. If you choose to dilate your pupils the side effects (blurry vision and light sensitivity) can last for up to 4 hours. 

Can I do a telehealth visit? 

Yes. Email with the subject line "telehealth" and we will determine if you can be seen virtually. We do not accept insurance for telehealth visits. Price is $60.

If I get a contact lens exam, will I get a glasses prescription too?

Yes, you will receive a prescription for both glasses and contact lenses?


My eye is red! Can I still get an eye exam?

Dr. Ashley Roth can perform medical eye visits for conditions such as pink eye, red/watery eyes, allergic conjunctivitis, styes, cataracts, contact lens infections, scratched corneas etc. Dr. Ashley Roth can treat most medical eye conditions unless you need surgery. 


Can I use my Flex/HSA account or Macys card to pay for my exam?

Yes! We accept all forms of payment. 

What does an eye exam consist of?

- Glasses prescription

- Eye health examination including retinal photos

I think I want Lasik. Can I still come to see Dr. Ashley Roth?

Dr. Ashley Roth can answer all of your Lasik questions. She performs pre-op exams and post-op exams.

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